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What are web design and web development trends in 2019?

If you are getting ready to have a website designed, you will want to know what are the web design and web development trends in 2019. That way you will have more of an idea of what you can expect for your site, as well as be able to inform the design team what you do not want.

Minimalist designs -- In past years, websites crammed full of information and with elaborate designs, illustrations and fonts have been in style.

In 2019, however, minimalist websites are trendy. This is predominantly due to people wanting to be able to find the information they need quickly. It is also due to sites that are minimalist usually loading much faster. Thus doing better in Google's search results.

GIFs and animations -- For sites that are not designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, GIFs and animations are important.

These tend to attract visitors to a site, and then keep them there. As user engagement is important to the search engines, this will often boost the site in Google and Bing search results as well. 

Single page designs -- Unless you will be running a blog, an online newspaper or a site with a lot of content, a single page design is important nowadays. 

This allows visitors to find everything they need in one spot, without having to spend ages going through your site. 

Custom illustrations -- Gone are the days of website owners using creative commons photos and illustrations. Instead, site owners are now going for custom illustrations for their sites. 

While this may cost them a little more money, it has been shown to increase user engagement and keep your visitors coming back.

After all, when you stand out and obviously spend money to make your site attractive to visitors, your site also appears to be more legitimate. Contact web design agency for more ideas.